10 Meme Generators to Create Your Own Memes for Free (2024)

10 Meme Generators to Create Your Own Memes for Free (1)

Want to turn a picture into a meme? You can do it with help of meme generator apps, which offer an advantage for a wide variety of templates, especially the trending ones, such as meme fonts and a dedicated interface. Let’s take a look at the best meme generator apps for Android, iPhone, online tools, and desktop.


  • 1. IMGFlip (Web)
  • 2. DrMemes (Web)
  • 3. ILoveIMG (Web)
  • 4. Meme Generator (Android/iOS)
  • 5. Meme Creator (Android)
  • 7. GIF Maker - Meme GIF Creator (iOS)
  • 9. Meme Generator Suite (Windows)
  • 10. Meme Generator (Windows/macOS)
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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1. IMGFlip (Web)

IMGFlip, one of the finest meme maker online apps, provides a plethora of meme templates as well as the option to simply search for them. It has more than 1000 meme templates, including Drake memes, cat memes, no memes, and baby memes. You may even use your own photos to make memes.

The app allows you to edit your memes in a variety of ways. You may, for example, draw on the image or alter the meme text color, size, style, and alignment.

The only disadvantage of this app is that if you use the “Generate meme” button, it adds a watermark to the finished image. You may avoid this by right-clicking on the finished image and selecting “Save image as.”

To create a meme using IMGFlip:

  1. Open the website and press the “Create” button.
  2. Choose “Make a meme” from the menu.
10 Meme Generators to Create Your Own Memes for Free (2)
  1. Use the Search box to find the right template for your meme. Alternatively, click on “Upload new template” to add your own image to the app.
  2. Enter the meme text in the available boxes.
  3. To customize the text, use the settings toggle next to each field.
  4. Save the image.
10 Meme Generators to Create Your Own Memes for Free (3)

IMGFlip also lets you create video or GIF memes. To make a GIF, you can upload a video from your computer, link to it, or add several pictures. To do so, select “Make a GIF” under the “Create” button. After you’ve added a video, click “Add text to GIF.”

10 Meme Generators to Create Your Own Memes for Free (4)


  • Wide variety of templates
  • Customizable fonts
  • Video memes


  • Adds a watermark

2. DrMemes (Web)

DrMemes is another great service that allows you to make memes for free and without the use of a watermark. You have the option of using one of the meme templates or uploading your own image. Although it offers fewer templates than IMGFlip, it does allow for font modification and the addition of stickers and emojis to memes. Using this online tool, you can even make a GIF meme out of pictures.

  1. Open drmemes.com and, depending on how you want to make a meme, click on “Choose meme template” or “Upload picture.”
  2. Add text from the side boxes.
  3. Use the settings toggle to customize the font.
10 Meme Generators to Create Your Own Memes for Free (5)


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Font customization
  • No watermark


  • Fewer templates

3. ILoveIMG (Web)

The ILoveIMG web app is another on the list of online meme creator web tools. You can make a meme using an existing template, like with the last two, or start from scratch using your own image. Unfortunately, this app does not allow you to customize the font or create video memes. However, it creates memes with no watermark. It also allows you to select whether to force the text within the image.

  1. Open the website in a browser.
  2. Click on “Select meme template” or “Upload image.”
  3. Enter the text in the available boxes.
10 Meme Generators to Create Your Own Memes for Free (6)


  • Huge collection of free templates
  • No watermark
  • Easy to use
  • Can perform other image-editing tasks, such as compress, resize, crop, and more


  • No font customization

Other Web-Based Meme Generators

Here are just a few more online options:

4. Meme Generator (Android/iOS)

Meme Generator is one of the most popular Android apps for making memes. This app offers a wide range of meme templates, including cat memes, meme faces, no memes, and many more. These templates can be easily found using the Search option. You can even make a meme out of your own image.

The iOS version of Meme Generator is similar but lacks a search function.

  1. Select the meme template in the app or tap “Custom meme → Gallery” to add an image from the gallery.
  2. The app lets you crop the meme or rotate/flip images using the options at the top.
  3. Tap on the text to change its font style, color, and alignment. You can even add a sticker to the meme.
  4. When done, tap on “Save” to download the meme or hit “Share” to send it to social media apps.
10 Meme Generators to Create Your Own Memes for Free (7)


  • Many templates
  • Crop, flip, and rotate images
  • Add a custom image, font style, and sticker.
  • No watermark


  • Ads

5. Meme Creator (Android)

Another option is the Meme Creator Android app.

  1. The app opens with the meme template gallery with categories like animals, celebrities, cartoons, and more.
  2. Tap on one of these templates or press the “Gallery” icon at the top to add your own custom image.
  3. Add the meme text in the “Top” and “Bottom” text fields. Change the font style using the settings icon next to the text.
  4. To download or send memes, use the “Save” or “Share” icons at the bottom.
10 Meme Generators to Create Your Own Memes for Free (8)


  • No watermark
  • Meme categories
  • Custom fonts


  • Occasional ads

6. Video & GIF Memes (Android)

If you are looking to create video or GIF memes, then Video and GIF Memes is your best option on Android. Without adding any watermark, you can create memes from videos, GIFs, or multiple pictures.

  1. Launch the app and tap on the source file type.
  2. Trim the video and add customizable meme text when asked.
  3. Save the video or GIF meme after customizing video parameters, such as video frame rate, speed, quality, etc.
10 Meme Generators to Create Your Own Memes for Free (9)


  • No watermark
  • Access to Tenor GIF database
  • Trim video


  • Ads
  • No image memes

Other Meme Generator Apps for Android

7. GIF Maker – Meme GIF Creator (iOS)

The GIF Maker app, as the name implies, allows you to make GIF memes from videos or images. The app lets you trim the video before converting it into a video meme. Later, you can add customizable text, filters, and stickers to the meme. You can even change the canvas size. Moreover, you can create memes from popular GIF templates by using the GIF option in the video.

  1. After launching the app, tap on the “Video to GIF” option and choose your video.
  2. Trim it, if need be.
  3. Tap on “Add text” to add humorous meme text to your video.
  4. Hit the Share icon to download the video or share it directly to social media apps.
10 Meme Generators to Create Your Own Memes for Free (10)


  • No watermark


  • Ads

If you don’t like this app, any video editor that lets you add text can also be used to create video memes.

8. Memeto – Meme Maker & Creator (iOS)

The Memeto app lets you create memes from your own picture templates, blank memes, and popular templates. Sadly, you will have to scroll through the meme list to find a suitable meme template, as it lacks the search feature. Interestingly, the app lets you select the meme text templates, such as keeping the text inside the image, outlining the image, and more.

  1. Once you select a meme template in the app, choose the meme, and press the “Text” option to add and style the meme text.
  2. When done, press the Share icon to save it to your device.
10 Meme Generators to Create Your Own Memes for Free (11)


  • No watermark
  • Multiple meme styles


  • Lacks search

Other Meme Generator Apps for iPhone

9. Meme Generator Suite (Windows)

Meme Generator Suite is loaded with all the useful features one expects from a meme generator app. Be it the preloaded, popular memes or the search feature to find memes online, the app has it all. And, of course, you can generate memes from your pictures, too.

The Meme Generator Suite app lets you adjust the meme font size, color, and outline color. You can even crop the meme in this app.

To create a meme:

  1. Start with a preloaded meme template from the app or click “From gallery” to add your own image.
  2. Adjust the text parameters and press the Save icon to download the image.
  3. You can upload the image directly to IMGur or social media apps as well.
10 Meme Generators to Create Your Own Memes for Free (12)


  • Huge collection of memes
  • Powerful search
  • Offline collection
  • No watermark


  • Advertisem*nts

10. Meme Generator (Windows/macOS)

Available for both Windows and Mac, the Meme Generator app lets you create custom memes and memes from the app’s templates. The templates range from cat memes, meme faces, and no memes. The app lets you add a black border to the image and favorite memes. It even offers a dedicated section for Keep calm memes.

  1. Click on any meme to start editing it.
  2. On the meme editing screen, click on the meme text to change its font color and style.
10 Meme Generators to Create Your Own Memes for Free (13)


  • Meme examples
  • No watermark


  • Cannot share directly to social media apps

Other Meme Generator Apps for PC

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is meme pronounced?

According to Cambridge and Oxford dictionaries, the correct way to say meme is “Meem” and not “Me-Me” or “May May.”

2. What font is used in memes?

Memes are generally written in the the Impact typeface, and that, too, is in uppercase.

3. Where can I download meme templates for free?

Aside from the apps mentioned above, which are constantly adding new meme templates, you may find more of them by just Googling the meme name in Google Search. Alternatively, you may use meme search engines such as https://me.me/.

4. How can I create memes without a dedicated meme maker?

It’s not necessary to use a meme generator to create memes. You can make memes by adding text to your image or video using any photo or video editor app on mobile or PC. Apart from that, chat or social media apps like WhatsApp and Tumblr also let you create memes.

If you need some inspiration, check out these hilarious Android and Internet memes.

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