Apartment Buildings

From 5 to 50 units


Industrial Buildings



Distribution centers


Retail and Office Buildings

Single, free-standing

or Multi-Unit


Vacant Land

Including remotely located

acreage in the desert and

mountains of southern California


Houses and Condos

My practice is limited to appraisals for Trusts, Estates, Inheritance, Divorce, Partnership Dissolutions, Gifting and Donating.  I have over 35 Years of commercial valuation experience.  All commercial appraisals are conducted personally by me, not trainees.

I can provide you with Present Value, Retrospective Value (as of a prior month or year) and Partial or Fractional Interest Value.


Call or email for a quote.  There’s no obligation.  In order to quote, I will need the property address(es) or APNs if it is vacant land and the purpose for which the appraisal(s) will be needed.

Phone:  951-845-2946  (Toll free: 866-350-5724)     

Email:  jerrylieb@gmail.com


I will consider commercial appraisal requests from any of the 8 counties shown below.  The red mark indicates my office location, in Banning, California (near Riverside).

Jerome (Jerry) Lieb

Certified General Appraiser

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Banning, California

Jerry Lieb

State Certified Commercial Appraiser

License #AG010431

Serving Much of Southern California